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Joshua Wilson

Alright, imagine this: Josh Wilson isn't just a guy who trains dogs. This dude is a mastermind when it comes to flipping a backyard gig into an empire of dog training and other ventures across the US. We're talking about a real-deal journey from hustling in Hampton Roads, Virginia, to running a powerhouse that's setting the bar in the dog training game.

Now, Josh isn't just about teaching dogs new tricks. He's meshed his love for these four-legged buddies with serious skills in business, finance, and even real estate to craft something that's not just a service—it's an experience. And he's not keeping this recipe for success to himself. Every week, Josh dives deep with the titans of various industries. These are the Real Big Dogs, folks. We're tearing down the walls on entrepreneurship, marketing, the grind of family and business life, relationships, and the art of making that sale. It's unfiltered, straight from the hip, packed with stories that'll hit you where it counts.

But here's the kicker: Josh's ride to the top of the dog training world over the last 10 years isn't your typical success story. This guy's a serial entrepreneur with a heart that beats for his faith, his family, his passion for dogs, and just life itself. Through sharing his own saga and bringing in some of the most inspiring minds from his circle, Josh aims to light a fire under your ambitions. This show? It's not about the glossy highlight reel. It's about getting real with the tough stuff—because that's where the gold is found. Tune in, get inspired, and maybe, just maybe, you'll start seeing the losses as lessons.