The Big Dog Podcast

Episode 90: Gotta Level Up!

February 08, 2024 Joshua Wilson Episode 90
The Big Dog Podcast
Episode 90: Gotta Level Up!
Show Notes

Join us on 'The Big Dog Podcast' where every second counts! From the first tick to the last tock, dive into a whirlwind of wisdom and wit. Buckle up as we navigate through life's lessons, from personal growth to professional triumphs, all served with a side of humor and humility. Don't miss a beat as we explore the relentless pursuit of self-improvement, leadership insights, and the occasional birthday shenanigans. Tune in for a rollercoaster of anecdotes, musings, and real-talk moments that will leave you both inspired and entertained! This is where time flies, and wisdom thrives!

04:26 Surprise Dinner at Crown BLOCK: A Downtown Dallas Adventure

07:29 Values Alignment: The Key to Organizational Success

08:38 Transition Talks: Navigating Workplace Departures

10:56 Transitioning Positivity: Navigating Change in Business

17:18 Focus on Yourself: Winning in Business and Relationships

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