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Episode 89: Enhance Not Replace

February 01, 2024 Joshua Wilson Episode 89
The Big Dog Podcast
Episode 89: Enhance Not Replace
Show Notes

Welcome to The Big Dog Podcast
In this episode, the intricate relationship between artificial intelligence and human activities is explored.
Josh, leads a captivating discussion centered around the idea that AI tools should be valuable aids, enhancing human capabilities rather than replacing them outright.
This podcast shares how Josh believes AI can be like a helpful sidekick, making our abilities even better. It's not about replacing humans but working together.
Join Josh Wilson for a friendly talk on how AI can make people's lives cooler without forgetting the awesome things that make them human.
Don't miss out on this chat about hanging out with technology! #AI #Technology #HumanAndAI #Podcast #Innovation

01:00 Let's talk AI

03:00 We use AI

05:00 Zero grammatical errors? You know that's AI

05:40 Use the tool to enhance what you're doing

09:30 Use the tool to get more efficient and to get more intentional

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