The Big Dog Podcast

Episode 88: Virtual Assistant

January 25, 2024 Joshua Wilson Episode 88
The Big Dog Podcast
Episode 88: Virtual Assistant
Show Notes

Get ready to unleash the remote revolution in the latest Big Dog Podcast episode! Join the dynamic duo, Josh Wilson and co-host Logan, as they spill the beans on the untold secrets of Virtual Professionals.

In this electrifying episode, they debunk myths, showcase the mind-blowing talents of their overseas team, and bring in the wizard himself, Scott Rammage of Media Machine.  From podcast production to social media mastery, discover how VPs are transforming businesses and taking them to new heights!

Buckle up for a wild ride of insights, laughs, and insider tips on building your very own remote dream team. If you're ready to skyrocket your business without the overwhelm, this is your ticket to success. Don't miss out – tune in to The Big Dog Podcast and become part of the remote staffing revolution!

04:12 Revolutionizing Work: Unveiling the Overseas Advantage of Virtual Professionals

05:07 Year in Review: Unleashing Virtual Professional Excellence Globally

06:57 Effortless Remote Staffing: No Micromanaging, Just Results!

09:00 Maximize Productivity: Virtual Staff Tips & Air Leveraging Hacks

10:28 Remote Staffing Triumph: A Win-Win-Win Story on The Big Dog Podcast!