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Episode 86: Happy New Year

January 09, 2024 Joshua Wilson Episode 86
The Big Dog Podcast
Episode 86: Happy New Year
Show Notes

Welcome to the Big Dog podcast, where it's all about embracing the unfiltered truth of who we are! Forget the 'New Year, New You' hype – it's time to get real. Join host Josh Wilson and his son Logan as they dig into the gritty, no-nonsense reality that personal growth isn't about reinventing yourself, it's about refining who you already are. In each episode, get ready for unapologetic conversations that strip away the glossy facade of resolutions and get straight to the heart of authentic self-improvement. From embracing strengths to confronting weaknesses, Josh and Logan serve up raw insights and practical advice to help you become the best version of yourself – no gimmicks, no fluff, just real talk. Tune in and let's chase the best versions of ourselves together!

01:45 We Played Pickleball

09:55 New year New me

11:30 New year resolution failed

16:22 What are you doing to better you?

18:28 I see who you are

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