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Episode 85: Delayed Not Denied

January 09, 2024 Joshua Wilson Episode 85
The Big Dog Podcast
Episode 85: Delayed Not Denied
Show Notes

In the latest episode of The Big Dog Podcast, Josh Wilson, joined by his son and co-host Logan, takes an empowering dive into perseverance and faith in the face of challenges. The episode centers around the unyielding commitment to progress, emphasizing that the only control one truly holds is the decision not to quit. With powerful anecdotes and unwavering conviction, the discussion unfolds, highlighting the importance of taking action, maintaining faith, and pushing forward despite obstacles. Josh impassioned call to fight for one's dreams and beliefs resonates throughout, urging listeners across various industries and walks of life to embrace resilience. From instilling belief in oneself to impacting others and weathering tough times in business, the episode champions unwavering determination and the relentless pursuit of success. Share this insightful episode with someone in need of motivation, as Josh and Logan sign off with a heartfelt reminder to persevere and keep pushing forward, leaving listeners inspired to tackle their challenges head-on. #Perseverance #FaithInAction #NeverQuit #KeepSwinging

03:50 Pickleball

05:23 Things Change

06:35 How Money Flows: Injected and Spent

09:53 What did you do then, that you are not doing now?

20:15 What if's?

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