The Big Dog Podcast

Episode 80: The Rant

September 18, 2023 Joshua Wilson Episode 80
The Big Dog Podcast
Episode 80: The Rant
Show Notes

In this episode of The Big Dog Podcast, host Josh Wilson and his son Logan discuss the challenges they faced with their podcast equipment and the frustrations they experienced. They reflect on the importance of creating margin in a business and how it allows for opportunities to grow and diversify. Josh emphasizes the need to hire the right people to free up time and create value. They also touch on the misconception of not supporting larger companies and the impact on local staff. The episode is a mix of candid conversation and valuable insights into business growth and development.

00:42 How many times do we fail?

04:00 Creates Margin

08:00 What are the opportunities can you create?

13:15 Successful people aren’t afraid to show other people what they’ve done

20:30 What is it that you do best that nobody else can do?

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