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Episode 79: Happy Father's Day

June 18, 2023 Joshua Wilson Episode 79
The Big Dog Podcast
Episode 79: Happy Father's Day
Show Notes

In this episode of The Big Dawg podcast, host Josh Wilson expresses his excitement about being in the studio, which is actually a corner of his office. He introduces his son, Logan Wilson, who joins him in the production room. They have special guests, Chris Swindell and Mark Rosati, who are two of the best dads Josh knows. The episode is recorded during graduation week and with friends and family in town. Josh emphasizes the importance of cherishing time and how it goes by quickly. He reflects on the lessons he has learned from being a father and the value of raising self-sufficient children. The conversation revolves around different phases of fatherhood and the experiences and challenges each guest has faced. The goal of the episode is to share insights and celebrate Father's Day while acknowledging the unique journey of parenthood.

01:12 "Two of the best men I know"

17:41 Having adult kids

44:35 "There's people that come and go in our path"

58:47 Dads grew up taking risk

01:04:49 Having people that would do anything for you in your life

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