The Big Dog Podcast

Episode 78: First Response

June 16, 2023 Joshua Wilson Episode 78
The Big Dog Podcast
Episode 78: First Response
Show Notes

In this episode of The Big Dog podcast, host Josh Wilson and his son Logan kick off the show with some casual banter, discussing graduation week in the Wilson household and their recent trip to Dallas. They share their excitement about the upcoming Apex annual event and the value of investing in their team and their families. Josh expresses gratitude to Ryan Stillman and the Break Free Academy team for organizing an epic event, featuring influential speakers and performers like Fat Joe and Master P. However, the episode takes an unexpected turn as Josh recounts a car accident they experienced on the way to the event, which becomes a significant incident in his 44 years of driving.

Josh reflects on the impact location and the safety features of their van, emphasizing how fortunate they were to minimize potential harm. He also emphasizes the importance of having loved ones to rely on during such incidents. As a business leader, Josh realizes the responsibility he carries, knowing that many people's lives depend on him. Despite feeling shaken, Josh finds inspiration in his son's calm demeanor and perspective. Logan compares the experience to a previous flight landing that was even scarier, reminding Josh to appreciate loved ones and make the most of every moment.

Overall, this episode of The Big Dog podcast combines lighthearted banter, excitement about the Apex event, and the unexpected car accident that serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of family and appreciating every moment.

01:34 Logan's graduation

05:16 Invest in your team

09:38 Car accident

19:21 Logan's calmness on accident

27:40 We're not scared to die; we're scared of losing our loved ones

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