The Big Dog Podcast

Episode 75: Holes in Walls!

April 27, 2023 Joshua Wilson Episode 75
The Big Dog Podcast
Episode 75: Holes in Walls!
Show Notes

In this episode of The Big Dog podcast, host Josh Wilson introduces his son Logan who is helping with the production. He discusses their new setup and how they are getting closer to the end result they desire. Josh emphasizes the importance of taking imperfect action instead of waiting for perfection, as it can cost a lot in terms of progress and results. He reflects on his experience of waiting for the perfect setup before launching the podcast and how it resulted in leaving a lot of content on the table. He encourages listeners to take a step forward, start taking action towards their goals and track their progress. The podcast aims to provide valuable content to help people move forward in their personal and professional lives.

2:09 What are you waiting on exactly?

4:49 What is the cost of waiting for perfection?

8:18  What can I spend my time doing that I'm an expert at?

10:53 Put a hole in that wall

11:25 Do you really need all of those things to happen? or is it an excuse?

14:11 Are you just creating excuses because we're scared?

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