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Episode 74: Quarter 1 baby!

April 13, 2023 Joshua Wilson Episode 74
The Big Dog Podcast
Episode 74: Quarter 1 baby!
Show Notes

In this episode of The Big Dog podcast, we will talk about the end of the first quarter of 2023 and how time is flying by. He also introduces his son Logan, who has been helping with the podcast and expresses his excitement about Logan coming to work for him. Josh emphasizes the importance of being intentional and paying attention to your progress toward your goals. He asks listeners to reflect on their progress toward their health, job, family, and personal projects and encourages them to be focused and dialed in as we move into quarter two. 

Josh shares his progress toward his business goals and emphasizes the importance of having a plan and system to achieve his goals.

1:41 Show some love and honor to your dad.

4:22 Q1 Production Results.

5:24 Where are you at with your goals and goals?

7:26 Get up, prioritize, and take action.

9:35 How to overcome procrastination.

11:33 Mel Robbins’s Book 5.

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